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Real Estate Investing Counsel And Litigation

Investors seeking opportunities in the commercial and residential real estate markets need a skilled attorney who understands the real estate market in depth and the legal procedures necessary for various types of real estate investments, such as:

Real Estate Closings

We assist investors with closings on all types of property. Having our experienced guidance through the closing process offers a twofold benefit:

  • We can ensure that the closing goes smoothly and that no difficulties derail the deal.
  • The closing is also the last chance to ensure that the transaction actually reflects the deal you made. Too often a mistake along the way may go unnoticed and leave you with additional responsibilities you were not expecting.

Real Estate Litigation

When problems do occur regarding a real estate transaction, we can work to resolve them as effectively and efficiently as possible. For those situations where a resolution cannot be achieved, litigation may be the best remaining option. Attorney Doug McKillip began his career as a trial attorney, and he has the skills necessary to fight to protect your best interests.

Decades Of Real Estate Experience

At The McKillip Law Firm, LLC, we have the extensive experience investors can rely on to help them make the most of the money they are putting into real estate. Attorney Doug McKillip has been helping people with complex legal issues for more than 28 years. As a real estate investor himself, he understands real estate investments inside and out and he uses that knowledge to protect his clients’ best interests and maximize their investment dollars.

Real Estate Investing Lawyers Serving Atlanta And All Of Georgia

When you are investing in the real estate market, having the assurance of working with experienced counsel can give you confidence and peace of mind. Turn to The McKillip Law Firm, LLC. To schedule a free consultation, call 877-413-8089 or contact us online.