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We Understand Tax Deed Investing

Tax deeds are an incredible investment opportunity. When property owners fall behind on their taxes or mortgages, the county can put a lien on the property and sell the real estate. Auctions of these deeds are typically run by a sheriff or county attorney. The return on investing in tax deeds is a minimum of 20% and more if the process is properly handled.

To make the most of that opportunity, it is best to work with counsel that has extensive experience in successfully navigating the process. There are two different ways to realize profit from tax deeds:

  • Redemption — The original property owner can redeem the property from the holder of the tax deed. The original property owner is required to pay the tax deed purchaser’s auction price plus 20 percent for the first year with an additional 10 percent added for each additional year. For an investor who wants to secure a 20% rate of return while taking minimal action, having the original property owner redeem the deed can be a great way of achieving that goal. Targeting properties that will be redeemed is the key, and we can help you identify these properties.
  • Taking possession — After acquiring title through a tax deed, it is possible to take possession of the property, but the process is complicated. There are many steps that stand between an investor and a clean, insurable title that can be sold. The first step to clear title on a property is to foreclose the right to redeem. This is a legally complicated procedure which McKillip Law Firm has successfully completed for our clients on hundreds of properties.
  • Quiet Title and Judicial Foreclosure Lawsuits – For the investor who wants clear, insurable title to a property, the quiet title or judicial foreclosure lawsuit is the best option. McKillip Law Firm has  converted hundreds of properties sold at tax sale to fee-simple, insurable title for clients and investors. Our staff has streamlined this procedure, and we can successfully complete these lawsuits in a matter of months. At the conclusion of the lawsuit, our client will have a property which has been declared free of all liens and encumbrances by a Superior Court Judge, and will be insurable – so you get top dollar when you sell it.

We can help you navigate these processes and help you make the most of your investment.

Have You Received A Levy Notice?

Falling behind on your property taxes can lead to the government putting a levy against your home and putting it up for sale at auction. Even if you think you have already lost your home, you may have options that will save it for you.  We are experienced in tax deeds, and can help homeowners understand their options and how to protect and keep their homes. Call us about property tax problems!

Extensive Tax Deed Experience

At The McKillip Law Firm, LLC, attorney Doug McKillip has purchased more than 200 properties by tax deed himself in addition to the help and advice he has offered others. This firsthand experience allows him to offer guidance and counsel that will protect your investment, and help you manage it effectively. Whether you are interested in simply holding the property until it is redeemed or you want to take possession and acquire clear title to the property, to rent, sell, or live in, he can help you.

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Do not go into tax deed investing blind. There is tremendous opportunity, but having experienced guidance can make all the difference. To schedule a free consultation, call 877-413-8089 or contact us online.